A Choice I Do Not Regret

One evening my husband suggested, "How about inviting my parents to visit us this weekend? They need a few days away from home."

With my hands in soapsuds and my back to my husband, I groaned inwardly as I reviewed the weekend schedule. Their visit would not fit into my plans at all. But before I replied, a phrase from Isaiah came to mind: "Hide not thyself from thine own flesh" (58:7 KJV).

I had a choice. Would I ignore this command and convince myself it didn't apply to this situation? Or would I choose to be cleansed by the Word? I chose quickly before my good intentions could go down the drain with the soapsuds.  

"Sure, go ahead and invite them." I decided to trust God to arrange our weekend schedules.

With a cleansed attitude, I was free to enjoy that week. Memories of attending an organ concert, buying donuts at midnight, and talking together as we worked in the kitchen remain as pleasant reminders that when I humbly accept His Word, I find God's ways are best.

The psalmist wrote of the importance of speedy obedience. "I made haste, and delayed not to keep thy commandments" (Psalm 119:60). Opportunity to obey is often like a horse that comes galloping by. It pauses, and we can get on, or it will gallop away and our opportunity to act upon our desire to obey goes with it. A glimpse of how we can follow God's Word more closely may be with us only long enough for us to decide if we'll obey it or disregard it.

When Jesus called the disciples, it seems as though He said, "Follow me," and walked on. They could follow or be left behind. 

Father, please help me to remember that my response to the Word is my response to You. 

"When you reject the Word of the Lord, it will be taken from you" (Amos 8:11).