Thank You Anyway  

Some years ago, my husband and I had opportunity to see if doing God's will was enough to make us happy. We had lived in the same house for over 26 years. One week we decided that we need more space and perhaps it was time to move. Within five days we had signed a contract for a house. We were so excited to find this home that appeared to match our needs perfectly. 

One evening the owner called. "We have decided we do not want to move. Will you let us out of the contract?" 

Daniel didn't know what to say. Then, finally, he told the gentleman, "Well, we will need to think and pray about this." 

I sat at the kitchen table listening and saw the dream of moving into that house slip away. Would I feel disappointed? I wondered. Deep down, I knew God was in this. Then, I realized with some amazement that if He were saying, "No," I was not disappointed. Finding and doing His will were more important to me than having a new home. 

Daniel hung up the phone, and as we talked, we discovered we were both of the same mind. "Well, I guess God wants us here. If that is what He wants, that is what we want." In fact, we found it easy to feel that way. "Nice to have this house fixed up," we laughed, remembering that he had spent the day before painting. 

We knelt to pray. "Dear Lord, we thank You for whatever You are doing. We don't understand this, but whatever Your purposes are is fine with us. Thank You for doing what is good." Jesus evidently felt quite at home in that attitude because immediately we were filled with joy--His joy. 

We arose from prayer, and the phone rang again. "We've decided that it is not treating you right to break the contract, so we will sell. In fact, we would like for you to come over tomorrow night, and we will introduce you to the neighbors."

Dear Lord, give me grace to continually live with Your desires as my own. 

"I have told you this so that my joy may be in you" (John 15:11).