Audine's Spirit-Led Visit

Audine had walked about two blocks when she felt a strong urge to stop at a home she was passing. She had met the woman only once who lived there, so she wondered, "What will we talk about? We have nothing in common."

Still, she could not walk past that house. Trembling, she went to the porch and rang the door bell. Immediately a lady opened the door, invited her inside, and said, "God sent you. I need a prayer partner. Something terrible has happened."

Sitting on an ottoman by Audine's side, she poured out her story. Her daughter who lived in another state had disappeared, and her son-in-law had called to ask if her daughter was staying with her. The son-in-law had been abusive, and the woman was distraught at the knowledge that her daughter was missing.

Audine breathed a prayer for strength and wisdom. God told her, "Take her burden as you would that of any sister in your church."

She dropped to her knees and with the Spirit's guidance, she asked for three things: protection for the woman's daughter, knowledge about where the daughter was, and peace for the woman. She said, "We touched God for all three requests."

They got acquainted over tea and cookies, and when Audine left, she asked her to let her know when she heard from her daughter. Within a few hours, her phone rang. "My daughter called and said that at that very time we were praying, her husband had gone to the office where she worked and tried to harm her. He was hindered, however, by personnel locking doors."

Audine knew then why God wouldn't let her go by that home. A tragedy may have been averted that day.

Thank You, Lord, for Your speaking voice that empowers us to reach beyond our fears.

If we are living now by the Holy Spirit, let us follow the Holy Spirit's leading in every part of our lives" (Galatians 5:25 NLT).