Jealous No More

When Denise married Don, within months jealousy surfaced. She had no power to resist its grip. Envy was always tormenting her and threatening to destroy her marriage.

Her husband often felt unjustly accused, and he, too, lived in fear--fear of doing anything that might put Denise in a jealous rage. Something as simple as his looking in the wrong direction at the wrong time could send her off on a tirade.

During a revival service at her church, God put His finger on her jealousy and she knew she must surrender this sin to Him. As much as she had hated the effects of jealousy in her life, she had never been willing to give it up; it had always felt so justified. But she chose to sacrifice this to God.

Sometimes God delivers people from a sin or habit instantaneously, but that did not happen to Denise. Although it felt more like a temptation at this point than a consuming part of her, she still struggled--and sometimes failed. 

But one day after fighting with her husband about a woman in their church, she finally admitted to God, "I cannot do this, You will have to." 

That must have been what God was waiting for, because since that moment, she has experienced freedom from jealousy. What she was unable to do, He did! She knew that she would have no power over its control; the years of struggle had convinced her of that. The good she had always wanted to do, she could not do. 

When tempted, she would immediately implore God for help; and when she did, He was right there melting the power of temptations. She began resting in God and experiencing His victory. And over the years, no matter what kind of temptation she faced, she began to turn to God for His strength and deliverance. 

The habit of turning to God has helped her experience His abiding presence. As she submitted to God, her husband's expressions of love for her increased. His tenderness helped to bring healing to her emotions. She praises God that she has been free from jealousy for more than 15 years. She is healed!

We praise You, God for being our Deliverer who can provide peace of mind and heart from all our struggles.

"I am the Lord, who heals you" (Exodus 15:26).