Jesus Knew Her Address

"One day, while on a journey through the land of cancer treatments, I was to have a PET scan," wrote my friend Vicki Mitchell in her blog. "This was an expensive test, and any movement on my part would make it potentially unreadable. My arms were positioned above my head and I was to lie as still as possible for 20 minutes. It didn't take long to realize my arms were not going to cooperate. Within minutes, they were 'falling asleep'. Usually, when this happens, you reposition, blood-flow re-vitalizes the affected part and voila-no pain. In this instance though, I was not supposed to move. As the test progressed, I prayed: 'Jesus, with your help we can do this.' 

As the test was nearing the end, in tears I prayed 'Jesus I need a hug today.' The tech helped me move my arms back down to my side. The test was over. I drove home, not thinking any more about my prayer.

"The mail had already come that day and with it, a package for me. I was surprised to find a prayer shawl. Women at a local church crochet them, praying for the recipient while creating these gifts of love. It was a wonderful reminder that I was not alone in this difficult time. What was more astonishing was the note my friend put in the package when she sent it to me.

"'When you wrap this around you--may you feel the arms of Jesus holding you.' I still get tears in my eyes knowing that Jesus knew where I lived and sent my hug straight to my house!"

She concluded with this prayer:

Jesus, only your hugs can refresh us. Thank you for seeing our needs way ahead of time and preparing for them! Bless your Name!

You are our tender Shepherd, who carries us in your arms. Can we ever thank you enough! Our hearts are full of gratitude.