Boisterous Worship

William Dyrness in Themes of Old Testament Theology describes how the Israelites' worshiped:  "Praise was often so exciting that worship could only be described as boisterous. There was dancing (Psalm 150:4), all kinds of instruments (Psalm 108:2), constant singing (Psalm 33:3), and even tumultuous shouting (Psalm 27:6). There was nothing dreary about Old Testament worship! In fact, one has the impression that in praising, men and women have their highest end." 

Whether or not we express our worship as they did, we can have the same exuberant joy in our hearts. The most frequently used word for praise in the Bible is hallel, which we translate "hallelujah" or "praise." The word means "to laud, to boast, to celebrate, to rave." Hallel is used repeatedly in Psalm 150. 

Dear Jesus, help us to be as zealous about praising You as the Psalmist indicates we should be.

"Praise the LORD! Praise God in his heavenly dwelling; praise him in his mighty heaven! Praise him for his mighty works; praise his unequaled greatness!...Let everything that lives sing praises to the LORD! Praise the LORD!" (Psalm 150:1, 2, 6 NLT).