Pray When the Idea Comes

For 14 months, Czech missionary Petr Jasek endured imprisonment in Sudan where he was tortured by fellow cellmates.* But Jesus supernaturally imparted peace during his confinement and he became a bold witness, winning many to Christ.

In one of the prisons he was in, all his cellmates were ISIS fighters! Jasek was hit on the head and kicked in the stomach. "At that time I was really thinking about the Lord Jesus what He had to go through when He was arrested.

He became like their slave, made to wash their clothes, wash all the dishes, and clean the toilet with his bare hands. But Jasek did not resist.

"I could clearly see the Lord Jesus and how He suffered for us."

Then Jesus imparted something to him that was amazing and unexpected. "I received a wonderful peace at that time and surprisingly, when I was physically attacked I was experiencing the greatest peace in prison time ever, all these 14-1/2 months.

On one occasion during the time Jasek was in prison, his wife was in a Bible study back home and the leader stopped the study to pray for the "situation that he is right now in."

"They stopped reading and started to pray for the Lord's presence over the situation," Jasek said. "When I came home, I realized that was exactly the time when I was on my knees before the Islamists and they were beating me. But I was experiencing a supernatural peace."

When God prompts us to pray, He knows something we don't. He is counting on us to allow Him to do His work.

Dear Jesus, help me to always hear and respond when You prompt me to pray.

Peter was kept in prison, but earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church....And behold, an angel of the Lord stood next to him" (Acts 12:5, 7).


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