Ways God Leads Us

One day Patty called saying, "I think the Holy Spirit wants me to visit Larry. Please pray. I'm afraid to go."

Both she and Larry attended our home Bible study, and Larry was now in the hospital with cancer. We weren't sure he had made a commitment to the Lord.

Later, Larry's wife said, "Patty came into the room, and while we made small talk, I wondered why she was staying so long. Finally, she began telling how the Lord had delivered her from dealing drugs. The Holy Spirit used her testimony as a turning point for Larry's faith." 

The idea to visit Larry was from God. Often God's will for us comes as a spontaneous thought. The Spirit's guidance may be as simple as thoughts that remind us, "You haven't prayed today," or "She needs encouragement," or "Why not visit your friend in the hospital."

Rarely does God give dramatic guidance. If we are looking to Him, we can safely believe God is guiding us through our natural inclinations. He designed that the ability to decide He gave us should furnish the basis for many of our decisions. We can be relaxed, yet open and alert to any suggestion as we trust the Lord to give us wisdom. The more intimate our relationship with the Holy Spirit, the more natural we become. We can just "be ourselves" while trusting God to guide us.

Also, the Holy Spirit may guide by giving a sense of restraint. George Mueller said, "The stops of a good man, as well as his steps, are ordered by the Lord." The Divine approval to go ahead and the Divine restraint are equally important. The Spirit may give us an inner hesitancy, causing us to not say or write statements that we would later regret. He may restrain us from making unwise financial decisions. He may restrain us from praying a prayer that is not in His will. 

Father, what a privilege to trust You to guide us continually.

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me" (John 10:27).