What Makes Satan Tremble

Dian Ginter was once the coordinator for the on-site praying at Promise Keepers. She coordinated dozens of people to pray around the clock for every detail of the conferences. Those praying were given three- to four-hour shifts and told specifically the requests to take to the Lord.

During the meetings she had a runner who would bring prayer requests to them. If the electricity wasn't working or someone was sick, the runner let them know immediately. Each speaker told her what truth he wanted the men to take with him from the conference.

After their first on-site praying during the conference, the vice-president of Promise Keepers told her, "We have never had a conference that has worked so well."

Dian told me that at the Indianapolis conference everyone was worried that the men would not be able to arrive on time because of road construction and a large pep rally only blocks away. The on-site pray-ers took the matter to God. She peeked out when it was time to begin, and the place was packed. Later, someone told her that amazingly the traffic flowed beautifully despite the crowds and construction.

The men were to eat in a park two blocks away and the heat was so intense that the leaders requested prayer. She asked those praying to pray for a cloud to cover the men like the children of Israel experienced. She admitted it was an unrealistic request.

About an hour later, a girl came in and began chatting and casually said, "You know, I was upstairs watching and saw a funny silvery thing hovering over the area."

Dian asked, "Was it like a cloud?"

"Yeah, it was like a cloud!" she exclaimed.

Men who had attended Promise Keepers said they could sense the presence of the Lord when they walked on the grounds. Now we know why.

Satan fears prayer more than any other ministry. A hymn writer expressed it well when he said, 'Satan trembles when he sees one Christian on his knees."

He trembles even more when he sees two of us kneel together!

Thank You, Jesus, for giving us a powerful reason to pray with others.

If two of you on earth agree (harmonize together, together make a symphony) about--anything and everything--whatever they all ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in heaven" (Matt. 18:19 AMP.).