A Way to Get Rid of Frustration

Confusion and frustration flooded Jeannine Brabon. She faced a situation that made her want to run. But where could she go?

As she prayed about her situation, God brought the face of Eleanor Burr who had been a great blessing to her during her years at Asbury College. The Holy Spirit challenged her, "Pray for Eleanor instead of yourself." As she began praying for Eleanor, Jeannine discovered a new joy. Her own anguish began to disappear as she visualized victory in Eleanor's life resulting from her prayers.

She continued this practice for several months until the Holy Spirit led her to write to Eleanor. She obeyed the leading although she did not know her very well. She felt sure Eleanor was unaware of how God had influenced her through her life.

Eleanor's response brought tears to Jeannine's eyes. "Now I know why these past months have been the best in my life. Overwhelming problems have seemingly faded away," she wrote.

Job wrote of having his captivity turned to freedom when he prayed for his friends. Jeannine's experience was similar. She wrote to Eleanor, "This has been the toughest year of my life, but as I focused prayer on you, God miraculously resolved my problems as well."

After that, Jeannine found that major and minor crises subsided as she prayed for others. She wrote, "If you want to experience Calvary love, enter your Garden of Gethsemane and allow the Holy Spirit to intercede through you for someone else. After that, you will not want to  confront perplexity in any other way."

Dear Lord, help me to confront problems by interceding for others just as You did on the cross.

"Pray for each other so that you may be healed" (James 5:16).

Adapted from A Watered Garden by Alice Huff and Eleanor Burr, published by OMS International