Are You Hearing God?

"From 1997 to 2005, we hosted multiple citywide times of prayer, fasting, and communion," wrote Sherrie Moore in Richmond, Virginia. "During one of our more intimate gatherings, we called together pastors, leaders, and intercessors to address 'the most ancient stronghold in our city' -- Freemasonry."

They set the gathering in a church that was next to a Freemason lodge. The church had been praying for some time regarding this.

On the way to the meeting, the Lord spoke to Sherrie and said, "I do not give you permission to come against this spirit tonight. You don't know who you are fighting, you barely know who you are serving!" He further indicated that there was not sufficient unity with Him or with one another. We did, however, have permission to pray in the opposite spirit and declare His light, which dispels darkness. 

Sherrie was completely stunned. How would she stand in front of this group and say such a thing after all of the excitement leading up to their meeting?

A person spoke on the issue of Freemasonry and how it had affected their community. Just before they prayed, Sherrie stood and shared her encounter with the Lord prior to the meeting. Many in the room sat stunned for a moment. 

She instructed them to find a Scripture passage and declare the nature of God. With each Scripture spoken out loud, the Presence of God grew stronger in the room. They declared the oneness of God, which strikes at the heart of the multiplicity of things worshiped in Freemasonry. On and on it went. At the end of the night, they sang a song and dismissed the meeting, overwhelmed by the peace and presence of the Lord.  

Several months later, the Freemasonry lodge went up for sale.

Jesus, please give us grace to listen to you when we pray.

"Pray in the Spirit on all occasions" (Ephesians 6:18).