God Healed Instantly

Wesley Duewel wrote the following about his praying mother which we published in Women Alive! magazine. Ida Duewel always humbly gave all glory to God.

"Mother was wonderfully healed after four years of serious illness, and thereafter, God used Mother's prayers for the healing of people in special ways. Many times people would call my parents before they called the doctor because they wanted someone to pray.

"I came home from high school one day and Mother said, 'Oh, Wesley, God has been so good to us today. Sis. Gregg scalded her hand, but Jesus healed her.' At Mother's memorial service, I learned the details of that incident. Sis. Gregg told how she was in the kitchen and had spilled boiling syrup on her hand. The skin and flesh peeled back and just hung down. 

"She was able to get hold of the central operator on the country phone and told the operator to call my parents who came immediately. When my father and mother walked in the door, my mother saw the hand and said, 'Oh, Sis. Gregg-' and Mother touched her hand. 'Instantly,' said Sis. Gregg, "my hand was healed without a mark or a scar that I'd ever been scalded.'

"We were in Humboldt, Nebraska, and one of our parishioners, Brother Koontz, came down with appendicitis. The doctor was called and said, 'I'll get an ambulance and rush you to the hospital.' However, by that time the Koontzs had called my parents, and we arrived at the house before the ambulance. We went inside and began to pray, and God healed Brother Koontz. 

"A few minutes later, the doctor came rushing in with the ambulance attendants. Brother Koontz met them at the door with a big smile and said, 'Praise the Lord, doctor, you came too late. The Lord beat you! I'm already healed!' Brother Koontz never had another attack of appendicitis."

Thank you, Jesus, for caring about our physical needs.

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26).