Enjoy a Continual Feast

Samuel Logan Brengle, a favorite preacher in the early days of the Salvation Army, formed a habit of choosing a text for his day. As a traveler stuffs snacks in his pockets, Brengle daily stuffed the pockets of his mind with tasty treats from the Word. These snacks were short, simple statements of promise, reassurance, or comfort he would turn to for support and power along the way.

Once Brengle wrote to his wife about a text that described one day's meditation. Notice his use of reflecting, imagining, and personalizing. He obviously enjoyed this practice. 

"My text this a.m. was, "Thy testimonies are my delight and my counselors." The word "counselors" struck me. The Psalmist sits down and talks over his affairs with God's testimonies and finds out what they have to say. Think of sitting down with Abraham when Lot chooses Sodom and the rich valley or with Isaac when he surrenders his wells to the Philistines, and talking over the advisability of being meek and yielding to others; or with Job on his ash heap, and talking about trusting God in affliction; or with Paul in the Philippian jail, and talking about rejoicing in tribulation; or with Joseph or Daniel or David. Bless God! That is just what I do when I sit down to meditate upon and take counsel from God's testimonies."

God intends for us to enjoy our tasty snack at His table more than our Snickers bar or Starbucks latte during break. 

Increase our hunger, Lord, for the only thing that truly satisfies -  Your Truth.

"How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!"(Psalm 119:103).