Leave It to God

Bernie May tells in his booklet Learning to Trust that he received an urgent phone message from Forrey Zander, director of a regional Wycliffe Bible Translators' office. A young Asian lady was considering returning home as a Bible translator but was short $1000 needed to enroll in the Linguistics school. 

Bernie May knew he had the ability to raise the money, but to do that he would have to put her need before some other requests that were also urgent. But he also knew that that would be trusting in his own ability. He felt God was asking him to trust Him.

"I can't treat her in a special way," he told Forrey. "But if God wants her in school this week, we can trust Him to provide the funds. I'll pray about it, and if someone approaches me and says they have one thousand dollars to help train a translator, I'll send the money.

The next day he had lunch with a wealthy man who could have easily written a check for $1000. But he had no leading to ask for money. He left the luncheon feeling guilty, but knew it was right to wait on God.

Two days later, he was flying his plane from Oklahoma to California. The weather was bad, so he flew home by way of Colorado where he stopped and called some friends. His friend picked him up at the airport and took him to his house. Just as they were sitting down on the porch, his friend said, "Bernie, I'm glad you stopped by. I've been thinking about the work of the Wycliffe Bible Translators. It seems you ought to try to find some Christian nationals and begin training them to help with Bible translation. If you ever find anyone like that, I'd like to invest $1000 to help with their education.

Bernie May began to laugh. By the time he had finished his story, his friend had written the check.

Thank You, Jesus, for providing all our needs when we wait for You.

"Trust in Him and He will act" (Psalm 37:5 NEB).