The Day Her Dad Became Her Hero

Some years ago, Vangie was our pastor's wife and shared this account at our dinner table one Sunday.

As a teen, Vangie struggled with peer pressure, an unsteady faith, battles with immodest fashions, and attention from the wrong set of boys. Plus, she was conscious of her role as "model" pastor's daughter. 

But her dad rushed to and from meals, coming home late from board meetings. He was often away on trips or he needed to be alone to concentrate on sermons. Instead of receiving attention from him, she felt his scrutinizing look of the pastor when he looked her way. She knew he was deeply committed to God, but she was jealous of his "first love. Vangie had so many questions relating to her identity and developing value system, and she longed to talk to her dad without the fear of being rejected. She and her mom had great chats, but Vangie felt that she couldn't get the whole story unless she heard it from her dad. 

Real communication was awkward, he often spoke in haste, and Vangie thought he didn't really hear what she tried to say. She would think, "Dad just doesn't understand me. If we could ever really talk, he might see confusion, insecurity, and honest searching in place of rebellion."

One night after supper the family was seated in the living room for devotions. Vangie sat in her chair, defiant and withdrawn. Soon she realized this night would be different. Her dad sent her sister out of the room, and Vangie braced herself for what she thought would be a major "bawling out."

With the most beautifully broken spirit, she had seen in a man and with many tears, her dad poured out his heart apologies for not being the father he was meant to be, the father God wanted him to be. He said he was sorry and pleaded for forgiveness. He promised things would be different.

His sincerity and specificity pierced her heart; her wall of resentment crumbled quickly. He disarmed her. Their battling was over. How good it felt

He kept his promise and things were different. Many times he laid aside his busy schedule for her, and she became convinced of his sincerity. He became sensitive to keeping the channels of communication open. 

Vangie is now a pastor's wife and still grateful for that day that changed her life

Thank You, Father, for guiding the humble.

"Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble" (1 Peter 3:8).