Let Him Fight Your Battle

"I always do what pleases Him," Jesus said in John 8:29. He believed that each moment He could be pleasing the Father. He wants us to have that same confidence.

Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse described his daily activities showing the possibility of looking to the Lord for guidance. For instance, when his secretary brings in his mail, he said, "A swift prayer must be sent heavenward....Every detail has to be done in the strength of the Lord, in a moment-by-moment looking to Him....I have come to the place where I never take one of the letters that are brought to me without a quick prayer to God for the ability to meet the need."

The late Dr. Richard Taylor once told me, "I think most of the time I have the sense of the Holy Spirit's leading. Of course, I tend to pray about most everything."

In 2 Chronicles 20 it was after Jehoshaphat prayed, "Our eyes are on you," that he received the word "The battle is not yours, but God's."

It is always that way. As long as our eyes are on the Lord, it is not our battle. We have to remind ourselves of that again and again.

When confronted with a need, it just takes a moment to say, "My eyes are on you, Lord." By this we can mean, "I trust You to give me all I need. I will say and do only what you give me. I trust that the ideas that come to me are Your choice of words, attitudes, actions-not my own. I rest from my own works of trying to manipulate, to control, to strategize."

Thank You, Father, that when I look to You, You fight my battles.

"We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you" (2 Chronicles 20:15).