The Fruit of One Mother's Prayers

Susanna Wesley is well-known for the disciplining of her children. However, behind that discipline were many prayers and tears. Her children knew that daily she went to her room for secret prayer for them. An hour in the morning and another in the evening were set aside for communion with God. After prayer Susanna would rejoin her family, bright, cheerful, and calm.

For Susanna, the way to win spiritual conflict included spiritual reading, meditation, worship, self-examination, and prayer, all under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Her seriousness regarding prayer is shown in one of her recorded prayers:

"Enable me, O God, to collect and compose my thoughts before an immediate approach to Thee in prayer. May I be careful to have my mind in order when I take upon myself the honor to speak to the sovereign Lord of the universe.

"Save me from engaging in rash and precipitate prayers and from abrupt breaking away to follow business or pleasure, as though I had never prayed."

The fruit of her prayers was the salvation not only of all of her children but also of many more. Multitudes were brought to Christ through her son, John, the founder of Methodism, and his brother, Charles, the hymn-writer.

Thank You, Lord, for mothers who recognize their responsibility to pray for their children.

As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you. And I will teach you the way that is good and right" (1 Samuel 12:23).