Waiting Beyond Prayer

I told a friend I would pick her up at work, bring her to my home, and after lunch, take her back to work. She was not a believer, and I prayed and waited before the Lord before going to get her until I knew He would bring good from our visit.

But there seemed to be no appropriate moment to mention Jesus. It was not until we were on the way back to her office that the conversation turned to her spiritual needs and I knew God was answering.

When we leave the place of prayer, it is easy to then also leave our dependence upon Him. In His time, He will work; He will do all we trust Him to do. But our waiting must continue beyond our prayer time.

An evangelist was coming to our home for Sunday dinner, and as I prayed for the Lord to make our visit a profitable one, I knew He had heard my request.

Dinner time was almost finished, though, and the conversation had just been usual chit-chat. As I carried in the dessert, I cried with what John Wesley referred to as his "inner voice," "But, God, I know You heard me. Please help us."

Then over dessert, we began discussing prayer and revivals of the past. It was after 4:00 o'clock before we stirred from the table. I doubt any of us will forget that afternoon as we shared past answers to prayer.

God asks us to patiently wait-to wait on Him in prayer and then maintain a focused belief even beyond prayer.

Thank You, Jesus, that after I've trusted You, eventually I'll be able to look back and say, "Jesus led me all the way."

"None that wait on thee shall be ashamed" (Psalm 25:3 KJV).