Dialogue With God

One morning after growing weary of the persistent doubts pursuing me for days, I did something that I've found often encourages my faith. I write my prayers to God and then record what I think He would say to me. I begin by asking God to give me His thoughts. Such active listening is often rewarded with new insights and strong assurances of His love for me.

So on this day, I took my pen and notebook and deliberately listened to Truth. Here are a few excerpts from the pages I wrote that morning:

"If I could look into Your face, Lord, what would You say?"

I then wrote the thoughts that came to my mind.

"Never fear, I am guiding. I keep my promises because I am faithful. I never forget my own. What I promise, I always perform. Don't doubt My abilities to give you My best."

My doubts lifted as I focused on God and what I trusted He was saying. Faith is clinging to our confidence in the character of God even when we cannot understand. We who want to have faith that does not "doubt in the dark what it saw in the light" must look to God. He is for us!

Thank You, Jesus, that You always respond to those who hope in You.

"I will listen to what God the Lord will say; he promises peace to his people" (Psalm 85:8)