The Kuhns' Miracle

When John and Isobel Kuhn served in China as missionaries to the Lisu, the church was struggling despite all the Kuhns' efforts. Three different clans were fighting each other for a choice piece of property. So Isobel wrote to her small prayer group in Great Britain and said, "Would you pray that Jesus would come to our Lisu?"

The night before the Kuhns were to leave that area, John called the people together. He held up arrows and said, "I've got a clan arrow that I want you to break and burn, and then, I want you to pick up a love arrow that's a symbol of your love for Jesus Christ."

The Lisu hearts had been so hard that Isobel thought, These people will not respond. But all of a sudden, nineteen clan leaders stood, got an arrow, broke it in two, gave their testimonies, took a love arrow, and sat down.

Only one resisted. "Don't you want to let Jesus give you a love arrow in place of your clan arrow?" John asked him.

Then John added, "Well, this one will have to leave our fellowship because he's not one with us."

Then the man stood up, took his clan arrow, and broke it. He then got the love arrow and went to apologize to a man he had not spoken to in 26 years.

The transformation was so incredible! Isobel knew God had done something!" She marked it in her journal.

Later she got a letter from Great Britain: "Dear Isobel, I woke up this morning with such a burden for your people that I could not do any house work, so I called my two prayer partners. Even though we couldn't get together, we gave our morning at our kitchen tables to intercede for you and for the Lisu people. A little after lunchtime, the burden lifted, and we believe Jesus came. Would you just let us know?'"

Isobel and John realized that the unseen missionaries probably had more power than the seen missionaries!

Dear Jesus, thank You for those whose prayers accomplish the real work of Your kingdom.

"Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession" (Psalm 2:8).