What Happens When We Pray

Jonathan Goforth, missionary to China, studied the difficult Chinese language for months but found it nearly impossible for him to master. Language had always been difficult for him and he made embarrassingly slow progress. The Chinese complained that they could not understand him preach.

Suddenly, one day while he was trying to preach, words and phrases began to flood his mind, and the Chinese could understand him.

Later he learned that a group of students at Knox College had gone into a room to pray for him. They felt God's presence in a wonderful way and were sure God had done something for Jonathan. Jonathan became very fluent in the language from that time on.

One time Jonathan was facing an angry mob. His left arm was slashed by a sword, and one blow came a fraction of an inch from slashing his skull. Another blow knocked him to the ground. Suddenly he heard a clear voice, probably an angel, say, "Fear not. They are praying for you."

God used Jonathan mightily. Some day in heaven those who prayed may be surprised by the rewards they receive because of their vigilance in prayer.

Jesus, thank You that it is possible to lay up treasures in Heaven through our intercessions.