Confessions of a Christian Idolater

Kelly never considered herself an idol worshipper. She had asked Christ to be Lord of her life. Yet, as she prayed for a closer walk with Him, He showed her that she was indeed an idolater.

The god she had allowed to take center platform in her heart was her own body. She had started exercising after her first child was born to get back into shape. That was fine, but over the years she let her exercise routines consume more time in her days. She had to work out every morning regardless of her schedule. She'd often exercise before her Bible reading--just in case she wouldn't have time later.

She didn't want to miss out on the endorphins that pleasantly flooded her brain when she did cardio exercises. Nor did she want to risk getting a new bump here or lower sag there. She had to exercise every day or she didn't feel complete. Eventually that began to lead to her having no time for reading God's Word or praying and listening to Him.

One morning the Lord spoke firmly, lovingly, but quite clearly to Kelly's heart. He told her that she always found time to exercise, often pushing Him out for the entire day. Then He posed the most uncomfortable question. "Aren't you making your body your god?"

"Well God, isn't taking care of my body--Your temple-important?" No response.

"She knew He was right. She was making her body her god. She needed to make a commitment if she was to advance in her Christian walk. Reading God's Word had to be a priority. God taught her that anything that comes before her time with Him is unacceptable; it is idolatry. Anything that consumes her thoughts and her heart besides Him is idolatry.

Now Kelly makes sure she reads the Bible before anything else. If her schedule for the day doesn't leave time for even a 30-minute workout, she deals with it. Now if something urgent takes her away in the morning before she can read the Bible or commune with God, she feels incomplete-not convicted, but just unfulfilled, as if she hadn't had breakfast. She hungers for time with Him; she thirsts for His Word.

Thank You, Father, that when we ask how we can grow closer to You, You so graciously show us.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21).

"Dear children, keep yourselves from idols" (1 John 5:21).