Is God calling you to step out for such a time as this?

Is God calling you to step out for such a time as this?


Nancy states, “God only needs to call one person who is willing to carry the burden of the Lord. He can use that one obedient person to burden others until united prayers become desperate and powerful enough to move the hand of God.”

Jesus wept over Israel. Jeremiah wept over his nation. Nancy asks, “When was the last time you wept for America?” Jesus pleads with us today, ‘Will you help me bear my burden?’”

“A powerful and challenging call to Christians across America to pray. The time is now.” Carolyn Johnson, President, Firm Foundations Ministry

“While many people are giving up hope for America, Nancy Jesudass shows us the way to victory—intercessory prayer from broken and contrite hearts. This book comes to encourage a growing prayer awakening that is spreading across America. Let’s all join in and beseech God to heal our land.”

Gerald Bustin, President, Evangelical Bible Mission

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