Receive His Love

Receive His Love


In Solomon’s Song of Songs, we read of the spiritual journey of a young woman who desired to be closer to Jesus. Throughout this book of the Bible, she teaches us how to grow spiritually. 

At first she focused on enjoying Him and what He could do for her. Then she discovered the indescribable joy of being loved by the King. By the end of the Book, she recognized He delighted in her and desired her. She had reached spiritual maturity! No longer was she merely a worker for Jesus—she had become a lover of Jesus.

Your journey to intimacy with Jesus can be as real and as delightful as her journey.

Chapter Titles:

1. Yearning for Love

2. The Loving Eyes of Jesus

3. Discovering the Beauty of Jesus

4. A Banner of Love

5. The Lover's Invitation

6. The Consequences of Little Foxes

7. The Celebration

8. What Jesus Admires

9. Jesus Finds No Flaw

10. Our Turning Point

11. The Cost to Follow Jesus

12. The Beauty of Jesus

13. Jesus Delights in His Garden

14. Compelled by Love

15. Lovingly Abandoned to Jesus

16. Poured Out Love

17. The Seal of Love

Discussion questions are provided for personal reflection and also for group conversations.

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