Love the Adventure: (DVD Series)

Love the Adventure: (DVD Series)


A flexible study for • 5 sessions (90 minutes) • 8 sessions (45 minutes)

1. Make Jesus Your First Love (Beth Coppedge)

2. Jesus is Enough (Beth Coppedge)

3. Jesus Communicates (Patsy Lewis)

4. The Adventure of Trusting Jesus (Beth Coppedge)

To be used with the Love the Adventure with Jesus DVDs. Prepare for a life-transforming encounter with Jesus, and be
drawn into a more satisfying life than you’ve ever known.

About the contributors

Aletha Hinthorn is founder of Women Alive and Come to the Fire and author of Simply Trusting, Leaders God Uses, How to Read the Bible so It Changes Your Life and other books.

Beth Coppedge is a keynote speaker for Come to the Fire conferences and the founder of Titus Women’s Ministry. She speaks in the United States and overseas challenging women to lives of personal holiness.

Patsy Lewis is Prayer Coordinator for Lydia Prayer Groups and Come to the Fire Conferences. She is the author of Simply Praying and Simply Listening.

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