Finding Quiet

Finding Quiet


If you yearn to quiet your heart in His presence, read Finding Quiet in a Noisy World.

This book is filled with time-tested wisdom from women who have learned to enjoy intimacy with God. They discuss such prayer-enhancers as solitude, meditation, journaling, singing, thanksgiving, fasting, and personalizing Scripture.

In the midst of busy and stressful days, if you find yourself having difficulty moving into an attitude of worship, don't despair. Don't give up on the possibility of having prayer times that bring God's peace to your days.

"When I leave my quiet time, the sense of God's presence remains with me throughout the day. My attitudes and actions reflect the words of Christ, and I see people and events through His eyes. I sometimes stumble and fall back into busyness, but God graciously responds to my cry."

Take time away from the chaos. Boost your spirit and your soul with Finding Quiet in a Noisy World.

Edited by Aletha Hinthorn

Special Contributors: Pam Enderby, Jan Johnson, Linda Hardin, Karen O'Conner, Kathy Wildenhouse, Nancy Jesudass, and others

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inches
Soft Cover: 110 pages

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