Divine Encounters

Divine Encounters


In Divine Encounters, you'll find powerful before and after stories for those longing for something more in their walk with Christ.

"I had walked with God consistently for 32 years, but I had always felt a deep dissatisfaction and longed for something more. I couldn't figure out what."

"I longed to do great things for God, but my motives were mixed. I couldn't say everything I did was all only for God's glory."

"God, if you are not greater than my trials, stronger than my chemical imbalances, if you cannot give joy, peace and power for the journey, I quit. I am no happier than the neighbor next door who doesn't even know you."

If you identify with any of the "before quotes," you will want to read the stories of these women who have been touched by the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit.

"That early morning I died. God cleansed me and made my life His dwelling place. And with His presence came His nature, character, passions, and purposes. Would He now be enough for me? Yes! By faith He became enough! "What a glorious freedom to be free from self!"

Edited by Aletha Hinthorn

Special Contributors: Carolyn Johnson, Charme Fletcher, Sharon Martin, Velva Powers, Cheryl Roland, Linda Boyette and others

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inches


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