Surrender to Love (Bible study book) Purchase DVD separately

Surrender to Love (Bible study book) Purchase DVD separately



Hear from women who experienced abortion, infidelity, and dissatisfaction with their spiritual lives but who have discovered a glorious freedom in Christ. 

 Tracey Goss, a former professional model, discovered the fulfilling and transforming power of Jesus after leaving a self-indulgent lifestyle.
Anne Lowe is a wife and mother of two young children. Anne shares how God changed her from being self-consumed to God-consumed and full of joy. 

Kikky Williams dealt with an unfaithful husband and infertility for many years. She tells how God’s amazing grace sustained her during years of waiting.

Linda Boyette, Titus Women’s Discipleship Coordinator, learned that God could move her from a roller-coaster Christian life to a victorious, joyful with Him.

About the Author

Aletha Hinthorn is founder of Women Alive and Come to the Fire and author of over a dozen books including Quietly Resting, Keeping Company With God, and If God Is Pleased All Is Well. All royalties and profits are donated to Come to the Fire.

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