How to Read The Bible (So it Changes Your Life)

How to Read The Bible (So it Changes Your Life)


In How to Read the Bible So It Changes Your Life, Aletha Hinthorn teaches you to read the Bible so that your daily life is impacted.

Her insights bring God's Word to life in the mundane, everyday world you live in.

Whether you're on the mountaintop or in the valley, you can learn to turn to God along every step of life's journey.

How to Read the Bible So It Changes Your Life gives you the solid foundation you need to discern what God has to say to you today!

Chapter Titles:

1. From Ought to Thirst

2. There Is Power in the Word

3. Lord, Prepare My Heart

4. Listening With All Our Hearts

5. Record the Treasures

6. The Blessing of Listening Daily

7. Beyond Memorizing

8. Purpose-Driven Meditation

9. Be Cleansed by the Word

10. When Your Mind Wanders

11. Have a Routine

12. Let the Word Change Your Prayer Life

13. Read With Understanding

14. Establishing Your Routine

The study guide at the end of the book gives discussion questions for each chapter.

About the author: Aletha Hinthorn is the founder of Women Alive Ministries and the Come to the Fire conferences. She is a frequent speaker at women's retreats and the author of several Bible studies, including the Satisfied Heart Bible Study Series and the All for His Glory Bible Study Series.

Size: 5.25 X 8.0

Soft cover: 138 pages

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This book changed my thoughts on so many things. I am closer to God now because of it.
— Jan