Filled with His Glory

Filled with His Glory



Learn what it means to be "filled with His glory" and how our holy God unveils His sovereign plan to prepare His people for the dwelling of His Spirit.

Enrich your Christian walk in this first book in the All for His Glory Bible Studies series as you discover the meaning of the Old Testament Tabernacle and how it can dramatically impact the way you view Spirit-led-living. Through a fascinating examination of the furnishings of the Tabernacle, author Aletha Hinthorn shows how each piece from the altar of sacrifice to the ark of the covenant poignantly symbolizes a vital aspect of Jesus' life and sacrifice and how we are to be filled by Him.

Increase your passion to know God more intimately, to serve Him more faithfully, and to share His love more freely through a journey of discovery.

Chapter titles include:

The Temple He Wants to Fill
The Altar of Burnt Offering
The Washing of the Word
Light--the Symbol of His Presence
Communion at All Times!
Kneeling at the Golden Altar of Incense
Have you Seen the Lamb?
Christ in Us, the Hope of Glory
Are You All for His Glory?
Filled with His Glory

Size: 5.25 X 8.0
Soft cover: 131

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