White Picket Fence: Marriages that work

White Picket Fence: Marriages that work


Do you have unresolved anger toward your spouse that builds into resentment and bitterness?

Are you struggling with temptation and the opportunity to be unfaithful?

Is poor communication your problem?

Do you neglect your love life to care for children?

You can keep falling in love again…
*Live in harmony with an unbelieving spouse
*Discover how to grow closer spiritually
*Learn how to build a healthy blended family
*You can get your spouse to listen to you
*Forgiveness is possible
*Just friends? Safeguard against an affair
*Discover creative dates after marriage
*Did you choose the right marriage partner?

White Picket Fence shows how marriage problems can be a springboard for renewal. Discover the treasure of blessings in your marriage. 

Edited by Aletha Hinthorn

Special contributors: Jan Johnson, Donna Kehoe, Bill and Pam Farrel, Velva and Marvin Powers, Susan Schulz, and others

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inches
Soft Cover: 117 Pages

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