My Testimony

My Testimony


It had never entered Mary Warburton Booth’s head to be a missionary. But after working with those living in the slums of London, Mary heard God’s voice say, “Will you go to India?”

Mary said, “I knew everything was against my going and nothing for it except that I had heard “The Voice.” So with joy, she traveled by ship to India where she spent over 35 years.

One by one, Mary won women and children to Jesus. Her secret of success was prayer and total willingness to do whatever was needed to win the people. When confronted with a difficult situation, her effective solution was to spend most of the night in prayer.

Mary was a personal friend of the Lord, working not only for Him, but with Him. In the forward to the book, Edith M. Brown wrote: “There was the solemn hush of His presence and His power. She was quick to recognize His voice and was never afraid to step forth in new paths when she was sure of His guidance.”

This testimony of this friend of God is a challenge to all who want to win others to Jesus.

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