If God is Pleased All is Well: One-Year Daily Devotional

If God is Pleased All is Well: One-Year Daily Devotional


Aletha Hinthorn learned the secret of living with joy after considering her mother’s statement, “If I know that God is pleased, I am happy.” 

“Acknowledging that God is the author of all joy is a great achievement in the Christian life,” writes Aletha. “His whisper, ‘I’m pleased with you,’ is the sweetest joy. The thrill of a new house, fame, money, others’ approval all seem trivial by comparison. 

“Jesus invites us to make Him our source of deepest pleasure. The depth of our desire to find our joy in Him will affect not only us but also those we love.”

In this series of devotionals, many of which were sent as daily emails, Aletha writes to encourage our faith and increase our joy, so we can say with the psalmist: “I will go to the altar of God—to God—the source of all my joy” (Psalm 43:4 NLT). Her use of personal illustrations and practical applications of Scripture will encourage you to live with joy.

Aletha Hinthorn is the author of books such as How to Read the Bible So It Changes Your life, Leaders God Uses, Keeping Company With God, and Simply Trusting. She is the founder of Women Alive Ministries and the Come to the Fire conferences. She and her husband Daniel Hinthorn, MD, live in Leawood, Kansas, and have two children and two grandchildren.

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