Passing on passion for God to the next generation

Passing on passion for God to the next generation


In Passing on the Passion, you will discover how to be a door of grace for your children to come and meet Jesus. You will learn to honor the Holy Spirit’s work in uniquely shaping each child. “Each Spirit-led family will be one of a kind.”

In this heart-stirring book, Cricket Albertson reminds parents that children recognize stale faith. They have no interest in religious drudgery. They will uncover any hypocrisy in Mom and Dad, and it will weaken their own faith. 

Cricket Albertson grew up in a godly home that demonstrated genuine love for Jesus. Her parents, Al and Beth Coppedge, have a passion to share His love with others. In Passing on the Passion Cricket encourages women to live out the same passions to help the next generation fall in love with Jesus. 

Christiane A. (better known as Cricket) Albertson is a mother of three young children and the wife of Matt Albertson. Cricket graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1999 receiving a degree in Theological Studies and began working for the Francis Asbury Society as a Research Assistant to her grandfather, Dr. Dennis Kinlaw. With other Wesleyan scholars, they are involved in the writing of a Wesleyan, Trinitarian Systematic Theology. Using excerpts from Dr. Kinlaw’s sermons, Cricket put together a devotional book called, This Day with the Master. 


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