Power of Praying Scripture

Power of Praying Scripture


When you pray, does it ever seem that you are praying the same thing over and over?

Fiona Richarson has written a helpful tool for those who struggle to know how and what to pray. Using Scripture in your prayers can provide focus and direction for your prayer life.

This book has two sections. The first part of the book is about asking Jesus to teach us to pray. The second part is Scripture based prayers and ways of praying Scripture.

Bringing His Words to Him can transform your prayer life by drawing you deeper into the heart of God. They will lead you into His presence and give you strength to believe His promises.

By praying Scripture you are not only welcoming the kingdom of God into your life but also are welcoming Jesus to break the rule of Satan. The Word terrifies our already-defeated enemy. You will win victories by saturating your prayers with Scripture.


Fiona Richardson has been in full-time ministry for 17 years. After working in Tanzania, she is continuing to work for the "Esther Project." She and her husband are missionaries with OMS.


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