Raising Kids with Passion for God

Raising Kids with Passion for God


You'll laugh and cry with Anna Derbyshire as she shares personal joys and struggles of bringing up godly children in a culture that screams 'That's impossible!'

Through an unswerving commitment to Christ, intimate prayer and devotion to godly morality, Anna offers a genuine strategy for being Christ to your children. For any parent yearning to make an eternal different in a child's life, the bottom line is: Be the example!

"Anna teaches us how we can live so closely to the Master that we can say confidently to our children, "I'm imitating Jesus. Copy my lifestyle." Frightening? Not if you're living in intimacy with Christ. Anna shares through the ups and downs of parenting how we can reach that goal of total obedience -- and then pass it on as a spiritual heritage to our children.

"A must read for any parent!"

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inches
Soft Cover: 108 pages

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