These Things I Have Seen

These Things I Have Seen


Mary Warburton Booth had a beautiful love relationship with Jesus. Someone who had visited Mary's home, remarked, "The presence of God is so real I can hardly bear it!"

For Mary, the mundane things of daily life were sacred to her. God called her to care for the neglected little ones of India, and, in obedience to His voice, she formed the Nurseries Fellowship.

Early in the formation of the Nurseries Fellowship, Mary wondered what place they would give prayer. For a while they kept busy working, but she said, "We fished all night and caught nothing," so they made prayer the work. When things were prayed through, money came, buildings were built and lives changed. Prayer was their work.

Through her example, you can learn to

  • pray until answers come
  • enjoy and retain Jesus' fellowship
  • love like Jesus loved
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