Joyfully Following

Joyfully Following


Finding God's will and following it—nothing has the potential of bringing more long-term joy and depth to the Christian walk. The believer who desires above all else to love, obey, and please God has discovered life's supreme relationship.

Author Aletha Hinthorn describes the joy—and absolute necessity—of following the Lord in wholehearted obedience in order to know the power and freedom He desires for all His children. Through personal illustrations and a probing examination of Scripture, she helps the reader realize the limitless riches of God that can be enjoyed by a simple commitment to "trust and obey."

Chapter titles include:

Following Christ—the Real Joy
Be Assured---He is Guiding You
His Will—My Highest Joy
When Following Christ Means Submitting to Others
Am I Committed to Obey?
Learning to Follow the Holy Spirit
What if I've Failed to Follow?
Methods of Listening to the Leader

Designed for personal spiritual formation, one-on-one mentoring, or group study, this series offers refreshing insights that dare to "dig a little deeper." An instruction guide for small-group leaders is included.

Size: 5.5 X 8.5
Soft Cover: 108 pages

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