Lesson 3 The Loving Eyes of Jesus

He directs her to follow the footsteps of those truly surrendered leaders who consistently have the fruit of the Spirit in their daily walk. Fellowship with them and follow their footsteps. While serving with others who are tending His flock, she will find Him. She is to limit her responsibilities to what God gives her.

1:9 I liken you, my darling, to a mare harnessed to one of the chariots of Pharaoh.

In ancient poetry the horse was used as an emblem of beauty and inner strength. A mare harnessed to one of Pharaoh’s chariots must be totally obedient. Its only role would be to carry the King wherever he wanted to go.  

He says, “You have no idea how beautiful you are to me, my darling.” His terms of endearment give her confidence He delights in her. He is infinitely kind to those who fail. “The Lord is full of tenderness and mercy” (James 5:11).

Horses were used in Solomon’s day for battle. “The LORD Almighty will care for his flock...and make them like a proud horse in battle” (Zechariah 10:3). Because of her passionate desire to draw near Him, He envisioned her as having great strength ready to do amazing things.
That is the way He sees each of us when we begin to draw near Him. He knows that He will use us to carry burdens for others and do exploits for Him. He is excited about our prospects.
Gideon saw Himself as totally unqualified to lead the Israelites in battle. “My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family” (Judges 6:15).

But the angel of the LORD announced, “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.”  
Someone may say, “But I’ve been a prostitute and have HIV.” He says, “I see you as my redeemed child who has a heart of compassion for people infected with HIV.”

Another may say, “But I’ve failed to bring my children up to fear You.” He says, “I see you as an effective intercessor whose prayers will accomplish My purposes in their lives.”

You may say, “But I’ve tried and failed to be faithful in prayer and Bible reading.” He says, “I see you as one who has discovered the joy of coming to Me daily.”

He calls her darling, or my love. There may be someone reading this thinking “Surely He does not call me His darling, His beloved. I should not even have been born.” If so, God has a special word for you. After David committed adultery with Bathsheba and she became pregnant, he had her husband Uriah murdered to cover his sin. He married Bathsheba and they had a son—a son who would not have been born if his father had not committed adultery and murder. They named him Solomon which meant peace. Perhaps David thought that now he could have peace because God had given him this son despite his sin.

But even more remarkable is the special name God gave baby Solomon. God “sent word through Nathan the prophet that they should name him Jedidiah (which means ‘beloved of the LORD’)” (2 Samuel 12:25). He is the only one with that name in the Bible. It’s as though God wanted to send a special message to any one who may feel that they should not have been conceived. God says, “You are my Jedidiah; you are my delight; I love you.”
Selah: What comes to mind when you ask Jesus to show you how He sees you.

1:10 Your cheeks are beautiful with earrings, your neck with strings of jewels.
1:11 We will make you earrings of gold, studded with silver.

Eastern women wore a cord at the forehead with strings of precious stones hanging down over the cheeks. He promised the maiden, “Your cheeks are beautiful with what you have provided, but I can make you even more beautiful!”

He likes the personality He gave each of us, but no matter how naturally kind and gracious we are, when our kindness is Spirit-filled, it is as different as Divinely-made gold earrings studded with silver are to those we fashion ourselves. He is eager to “beautify the humble with salvation” (Psalm 149:4 NKJV).

He will make your best efforts to be kind, loving, joyful, patient, and good even more beautiful with graces He will supply.

Selah: Can you think of a time God helped you be kind or patient when those would not have been your natural responses? Was there a Scripture (a kiss from His Word) that helped you?