The Come to the Fire Story

The desire for a women’s conference that challenges women to live a holy life had been in my heart for over a decade. When Beth Coppedge, a lady I had met at a retreat in Ohio, called me in 2002, I had no idea God was summoning us to pray for such an event. “Would you like to join with a few of us to pray in an Amish Inn in Ohio?” she asked. I loved the idea, and for several years, a few of us met nearly every six months for three days to seek God. We shared the burden for God to revive the message of the holy heart in our land.

In the spring of 2004, Charme Fletcher, a pastor’s wife, emailed me about the need for a deeper life conference for women. Four of us met that summer, discussed it, and committed to pray and to ask others to pray. In October a friend wrote that she was sensing that “the Lord is prompting us to move forward on the women’s conference we’ve had the vision for.” After two days of emails, this friend wrote, “Okay, Aletha! The ball’s in your court...The main thing I sense is that we just get the ball rolling!” When I read that, it seemed that indeed I caught the ball. The “ball” came as a desire to bring together a few women who would share the vision of calling women to an intimate walk with God.

Come to the Fire Conferences have drawn me into a deeper walk with my Lord, and helped me to look at areas in my heart/life that need to be addressed. It is always such a blessing to see that many women worshiping and praising Jesus, singing their hearts out. You can tell that the speakers and worship leaders are led by the Holy Spirit and are there for His glory and not their own.

The Growth of the Conferences

In January 2005, nine women from six states met in my home for three days to pray and discuss a women’s conference. We had no interest in just another conference, but we sensed a need to give women the distinctive message that love for Jesus can be the controlling passion in our lives. 

The night before the eight women arrived, I told my pastor, Dr. J. K. Warrick, of this vision. He immediately responded, “You can have this at College Church.” Because of his invitation, the first three conferences were in College Church of the Nazarene in Olathe, Kansas. We then went to Nashville First Church of the Nazarene in response to an invitation from Dr. Gary Henecke. 

Other invitations came and in 2010, Come to the Fire was in Ft. Wayne, Indiana; in 2011, Grove City, Ohio; 2012 Olivet University in Bourbannaise, Illiois, 2013, Holland, Michigan; and 2014, back to Grove City, Ohio. The council has taken one year of Sabbatical rest from the annual conference schedule, but plan to have a conference in 2016.

Women from over 40 denominations and nearly 40 states plus several countries have attended. The last three conferences have been streamed into churches and homes in the States and around the world. 

The Prayer Emphasis

Matthew Henry said, “When God intends great mercy for His people, He first of all sets them to praying.” God not only put this conference on the hearts of many individuals and prayer groups, but He chose and equipped Patsy Lewis to be our prayer coordinator. She has gathered many women in the United States and beyond to pray regularly for Come to the Fire. God also sent Nancy Jesudass, a Spirit-called intercessor, to pray for revival to come through Come to the Fire.

We prayed for God to summon the women, and women emailed saying they felt drawn to this conference. We prayed for God to come, and His holy presence came to that first gathering and has come in each of the conferences since.

Many women testify of the deep work God has done in their hearts.