Mission Statement: To encourage women to experience the joy of a love relationship with Jesus Christ that expresses itself in holiness of heart and life by the power of the Holy Spirit, and to help them find their place in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to bring the holiness message to women around the world. We want to provide conferences and publications that challenge them to live wholeheartedly for Jesus.

• Encourage scores to pray that women will hunger for holy hearts.
• Publish and distribute materials necessary for women to maintain their commitment to live wholly for Jesus.
• Plan a conference that can be duplicated in other places and in different denominations.
• Use speakers who have the message of loving God with all their hearts as their passion so they can articulate it, not simply as a doctrine, but as the joy and heartbeat of their lives.
• Use musicians who are filled with the Spirit and anointed so that what captivates the women as they sing is, not the musician, but the message the Spirit speaks.
• Provide a way for women to receive help after the conferences, such as through a spiritual life coach, small group, or emails.
• Provide training for women God would choose to articulate the holiness message in new wineskins.
• Provide new songs that present the beautiful message of surrendering to the lordship of Jesus.

I came to the event "in the desert" and left "in the garden", surrounded by His presence. All I know is that I WANT what was modeled for us at the event; a life wholly devoted to our Loxrd, Jesus Christ. This was NOT entertainment. This was NOT "feel good Christianity". This was serious business with God! The altars were flooded with women, spilling up the aisles, all of us hungry for MORE OF Christ! Thank you for providing a platform for the Holy Spirit to invade our souls; filling us deeply with His rest!


Come to the Fire inspired and taught me more about the importance of prayer. I am now praying more fervently, consistently, and with the expectation that God is doing and will do work in the lives of those around me and those I am praying for. I also learned more about the Lord's power and presence in my life. He is doing great things!


I am just so thankful to be a part of a women's conference that focuses corporately on prayer and worship as well as hearing the preaching and testimonies from women who are humbly walking with Him. Our time at Come to the Fire is spent seeking Jesus and the infilling of His Holy Spirit.

Jesus died for each of us making us all equal, and we enjoy glorious fellowship with one another. Such a special experience to know that the room where we worship (sanctuary) is filled with women from so many states as well as other countries and so many denominations. We only know one another because of our common love and devotion to Christ.