A Song Worth Memorizing

Over twenty years ago, I was in a service in which Dr. Kinlaw was to speak. Before speaking, he had us sing this song. Since then, it has become one I love to read in private worship.

Verse 1
Spirit of eternal love,
Guide me, or I blindly rove;
Set my heart on things above,
Draw me after thee.
Earthly things are paltry show,
Phantom charms, they come and go;
Give me constantly to know
Fellowship with thee.

Fellowship with thee,
Fellowship with thee,
Give me constantly to know
Fellowship with thee.

Verse 2
Come, O Spirit, take control
Where the fires of passion roll;
Let the yearnings of my soul
Center all in thee.
Call into thy fold of peace
Thoughts that seek forbidden ways;
Calm and order all my days,
Hide my life in thee.

Verse 3
Thus supported, even I,
Knowing thee forever nigh,
Shall attain that deepest joy,
Living unto thee.
No distracting thoughts within,
No surviving hidden sin,
Thus shall Heaven indeed begin
Here and now in me.

By Albert Orsborn; Songbook of the Salvation Army (London: Salvationist Publishing, 1953), no. 538.